The Town of Greeneville has established a Civil Service Board. This board is responsible for administering entry-level and promotional tests for the Greeneville Police Department. The Civil Service Board also plays a major role in the interview and selection process. Entry-level testing is normally done once in even numbered years in the fall, unless otherwise required. All persons wishing to apply must complete and file an application for employment. Applications are only accepted during a specified time period close to the testing date and must be picked up in person at Greeneville Town Hall. An overview of the hiring process is listed below. Greeneville Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.

  1. Fill out and turn in application
  2. Take the Civil Service test. A score of 70 or higher proceeds to the next step.
  3. Appear for interview by Civil Service Board and Chief of Police.
  4. Consent to thorough background check and credit check. Final list of eligible candidates is compiled by the board.
  5. Conditional offer of employment is made from final list of candidates as positions become available.
  6. Candidate must pass a drug test, psychological exam, physical fitness exam, and medical exam prior to employment.
  7. Employee placed on 6 month introductory period and must graduate from the 8 week Basic Police Recruit School.

Some of the benefits of employment with the Greeneville Police Department are:

  • Starting salary: $28,034
  • Salary at 5.5 years of employment: $42,406
  • Health insurance cost for employee: $0 , family coverage: $100/month
  • Retirement program cost for employee: $0
  • Life insurance provided by the Town of Greeneville: $25,000
  • Additional life, disability, vision, dental, heart, and cancer insurance policies available at reasonable cost.
  • Up to 16 vacation days (128 hours) per year for new employees.
  • 9 paid holidays (72 hours) per year for new employees.
  • 12 days (96 hours) per year of sick time for new employees.
  • Wageworks health care & dependent care accounts available.

For additional information call 639-7111 or send an e-mail to: